City Plaza



Definition: The City Plaza is defined as that area located on the south side of City Hall and in the front and sides of the Police Department, extending on the north side of the Police Department from the inner edge of the sidewalk along North Mt. Shasta Boulevard to the stairway between the public restrooms and the alley, and on the south side from the inner edge of the sidewalks along north Mt. Shasta Boulevard and Lake Street to the east wall of the Fire Department.

Intent: The intent of the City Plaza is to serve as an open public gathering space for casual contact and interaction among all users. The public should enjoy equal ease of access to and use of the City Plaza at all times consistent with existing local ordinances. The rules for its use should be based on the fundamental democratic principles of freedom of speech, assembly and religion.


  1. Individuals can distribute information, hold signs, sing, play music, give speeches, or otherwise engage in reasonable self expression between the hours of 9 a.m. and 9 p.m.
  2. The City Plaza is to be regarded as a public space and a pedestrian thoroughfare. No individual or group is allowed to engage in activities in the City Plaza that would interfere with the public use of walkways or seating locations. Tables or any other temporary structures may be set up only if they do not interfere with the reasonable use of such space by others. Conducting sales for anything other than non-profit purposes is prohibited.
  3. Due to the location of the Plaza immediately adjacent to the Police Department, interference with access to the Police Department, or with the operation of its emergency communication and dispatch operation, is prohibited.
  4. To assure that it remains as fully accessible to the public as possible at all times, no individual or group may utilize any portion of the City Plaza for their exclusive use without first getting a permit to do so from the City. Such reservations must be applied for at least five (5) working days in advance of the intended use, and be subject to the following:
    1. Subject to Rule #5, such reservations shall be made on a first come-first served basis subject to the City’s determination that the nature and size of any event or gathering — and/or the number of events or gatherings that may occur simultaneously — will comply with Rules # 2 and #3.
    2. The timeframe and duration of any such reserved event or gathering shall be specified in the permit, but in no case shall begin prior to 7:00 A.M. nor extend past 10:00 P.M. The maximum duration shall be no more than two days in succession, nor more than two days during any thirty-day period whether or not successive.
  5. The City of Mt. Shasta reserves the right to have priority to reserve, or permit the reservation of, the City Plaza for special events or functions that, as determined by the City, involve general community participation or celebration. Except for such specific community events or functions, no use of the City’s electrical power sources for music amplification or any other purpose will be allowed.
  6. The City Plaza may be used for the display by private parties of holiday symbols, whether secular or religious, but only if displayed in a manner that is in compliance with legal requirements that the City is not endorsing any religion in particular or religion in general. Such parties shall also be required to erect a notice along with the display indicating by whom it is erected. The maximum duration for private party displays at the City Plaza shall be no more than two weeks in succession.
  7. Posting of items in the City Plaza community bulletin board display case will be conducted by City Hall staff, and will only be allowed, as space is available, for:
    1. Community events sponsored by local public agencies.
    2. Events sponsored by non-profit organizations.
    3. City information of interest to local residents and visitors.
    4. Events that will be taking place in the local vicinity or greater Siskiyou County region that members of the public may wish to attend, whether or not a fee is charged.

    Non acceptable fliers include:

    1. For profit business flier (e.g., sales, discounts, grand openings, etc.)
    2. Private citizen purposes (e.g., garage sales, items for sale, etc.)

    To avoid clutter and keep the bulletin board as accessible as possible for users, notices of events/activities may be posted no more than 15 days prior to their scheduled date(s), and will be removed within five days following such date(s). All other notices or fliers will be removed after ten days.

To Apply:

City Plaza Use Encroachment Permit Application-City Plaza