Downtown Enhancement Advisory Committee


Committee Mission: The Downtown Enhancement Advisory Committee (formerly the Parking & Business Improvement Area Advisory Committee) was established on March 10, 1969 and was reorganized on October 26, 2009 in order to expand the duties of the Committee in their capacity as an advisory body to the Mt. Shasta City Council.

  • The Committee makes recommendations as to the use of the special business license tax assessed and collected from the businesses that reside within the boundaries of the Downtown Business Improvement District.
  • The uses and purposes of the revenues are defined by the Mt. Shasta City Council with the members of the Committee acting in an advisory capacity to the City Council by providing their recommendations as to how the monies collected are spent.
  • The Committee duties were expanded from acquisition, construction & maintenance of parking facilities to also include:
    1. Decoration of the Downtown Business Improvement Area through coordination with the Beautification Committee;
    2. Promotion of public events and music within the Area;
    3. Promotion of retail trade activities through coordination with the Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce;
    4. Possible expansion of the Business Improvement Area; determining appropriate rate schedules for Area services; and
    5. Making recommendations on the regulation, operation, and maintenance of the business license tax assessed and collected from the businesses that reside within the boundaries of the Business Improvement District and use of funds collected.

Committee Dynamics: The Committee is a five (5) member body consisting of five (5) members owning businesses located within the Downtown Business Improvement District within the City Limits of the City of Mt. Shasta and who pay taxes pursuant to the Municipal code. One (1) member of City staff assists the Committee as needed.

Meeting Frequency: Monthly on the last Wednesday of every month.

Meeting Location/Time: Mt. Shasta City Hall, 305 N. Mt. Shasta Blvd, Mt. Shasta, 8:30 a.m.

Agenda Information: The Downtown Enhancement Advisory Committee Agenda is posted 72 hours prior to a scheduled meeting and the Agendas can be viewed in the display case outside the City Hall front door, at the meeting, and online. The Committee Agendas and Minutes can be viewed on the City’s website and are also available upon request at Mt. Shasta City Hall located at 305 N. Mt. Shasta Boulevard.