Cannabis Tax and License Forms

The Cannabis tax and business forms are for potential and approved operating cannabis industry businesses in the City of Mt. Shasta. All forms are available in PDF version on this webpage or in hard copy format at City Hall. For more information and assistance, please contact City Hall at (530) 926-7510.

License Applications

The City of Mt. Shasta will be accepting cannabis industry license applications on a rolling basis. Below is a list of available licenses. Cannabis Applications can be found online below or in hard copy at City Hall, 305 N Mt. Shasta Blvd.

Cannabis Industry and Retail Application (PDF)

The City of Mt. Shasta has the following permits available:

(0) Cultivation License

(0) Non-Volatile Manufacturing

(3) Food Based Manufacturing

(No cap) Distribution and Testing

(0) Retail

Medicinal Retail Delivery

Cannabis Retail license holders are allowed to engage in medicinal deliveries to registered medical card holders. All delivery drivers and vehicles must be registered to ensure safety and compliance with City and State delivery standards.

Cannabis Delivery Registration (PDF)

Cannabis Tax Forms

The City of Mt. Shasta voters passed Measure S in November 2018 which installed a series of local taxes on cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and retail sales. All commercial cannabis businesses are responsible for filing their appropriate taxes.

Annual Manufacturing Tax Reporting Form (PDF)

Cannabis Retail and Cultivation Tax Reporting Form (PDF)

Cannabis Live-Scan Form

The City of Mt. Shasta requires that all applicants and cannabis business owners. Please complete the below form, schedule an appointment with the City of Mt. Shasta Police Department, and bring the completed form to your live scan appointment.

Live Scan Form – Cannabis Industry

Current License Holders

The City of Mt. Shasta maintains a list of current license holders updated on an annual basis or when a new license is issued.

Permit Holders January 2021