Current Planning Projects

Public comment related to the current planning projects is encouraged. There are three main ways to comment on projects: 1. email kjoyce [at] with the project title in the subject line of the email; 2. submit a hard copy to City Hall 305 N Mt. Shasta Blvd. Mt. Shasta, CA 96067; 3. Attend Planning Commission and City Council meetings to give public comment during the meeting. Meeting dates on the project summaries are tentative. Check the City’s Agendas and Minutes page for the meeting schedule.

Review the Draft Emergency Shelter Ordinance

This item will be heard at the August 15, 2023 meeting of the Planning Commission.

Revised Final Draft Housing Element

Please click the link above to review the Final 2023-2031 Housing Element.

The Housing Element Update Community Survey Results

At the link below please find Volumes I and II of the Final IS/MND for the Mountain Townhomes Project. Volume I contains all public comments received during the public comment period as well as responses to those comments. Volume I also contains three appendices – Appendix A is all comments received, Appendix B is the public notice, and Appendix C is the MMRP. Volume II contains the entire text of the draft ISMND with edits in blue underline/strikethrough, plus all appendices.

Please note that a publicly reviewable copy of responses to public comments can be found in a bound volume at the counter at City Hall.

Please review Volume I and II of the Final IS/MND.

Please review the Mountain Townhomes Project Noise Study.

Walk Bike Ride Mt. Shasta Mobility Plan

Final Plan Adopted October 24, 2022

For the past year, the City of Mt. Shasta has been developing a mobility plan called Walk Bike Ride Mt. Shasta. Through this effort, the City is developing strategies and ideas for transportation improvements to foster a vibrant, sustainable community with accessible connections between businesses, neighborhoods, schools, and our surrounding natural environment.

In March, the City held a virtual open house, conducted interviews, and hosted a community meeting to share initial ideas for bike and pedestrian improvements. In June, the City held a community workshop and hosted a virtual open house to share the updated recommendations and collect additional community feedback. This fall, the City requested public comment from September 14 to October 9, 2022 on the draft plan.

The plan was presented to the Mt. Shasta Planning Commission on September 20 and City Council on October 10. It was adopted by Mt. Shasta City Council on October 24, 2022. The plan will provide a roadmap for making sustainable transportation decisions over the next ten years. The plan will also help the City attract grant funding to assist with implementing priority projects.

The Final Plan

City of Mt. Shasta Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP)

The City of Mt. Shasta participates in the Siskiyou County Multi-Jurisdiction Plan. The current LHMP was adopted in 2020 by the City of Mt. Shasta City Council. The Plan is available in two downloads below:

Siskiyou County Multi-Jurisdiction Plan 2018 Update Vol.1 & Siskiyou County Multi-Jurisdiction Plan 2018 Update Vol.2

2007 General Plan

The City of Mt. Shasta approved the current General Plan in 2007. The 2007 General Plan focused on meeting state mandates and addressing the City vision found in the General Plan Issues and Administration Chapter.