Industry Regulations

The City of Mt. Shasta allows for limited industry and retail operations in the City Limits. These operations are allowed in commercial and industrial zones throughout the City with restricted areas around schools, daycares, and youth centers.

Cannabis Zoning

The Zoning regulations indicate where cannabis type uses can operate in the City Limits. The restricted areas map indicated where sensitive land uses exist with the state mandated 600 foot buffers. Buffers are measured from property line to property line.

Cannabis Zoning Ordinance and Land Use Table

Cannabis Restricted Area Map (June 2019)

Cannabis Retail Standards

The City of Mt. Shasta allows for three retail establishments. The retail licenses and standards outline permitting, operational standards, and license requirements.

Cannabis Retail License and Standards

**At this time, all of the retail licenses are taken. Please refer to this webpage for changes.

Cannabis Retail License holders may register with the City of Mt. Shasta to delivery medical cannabis and medical cannabis products in City Limits.

Industry Licenses

The City of Mt. Shasta has introduced cannabis industry licensing and standards. The types of industry regulated in this ordinance are cultivation, manufacturing, nursery, testing, distribution, and transportation.

Cannabis Industry License and Standards

Registering Scales

The State of California and Siskiyou County require that all scales used for commercial purposes, like weighing for tax forms and measuring out product. Information on the scale requirements and regulations can be found below:

Cannabis Scale Regulatory Requirements

Commercial Scale Information