Voter Registration

Are you registered to vote?


If you are not registered to vote and are at least eighteen (18) years of age and a United States citizen, you are eligible to register. If you have changed your residence, your name (i.e. by marriage), or your party affiliation, you are required to re-register to be eligible to vote.

Registration Forms

Mail-in voter registration forms are available at Mt. Shasta City Hall, Local Post Offices, the local Library, Department of Motor Vehicles and at the Siskiyou County Clerk’s Office. You may get additional information regarding registering to vote from the Siskiyou County Clerk.

Vote by Mail

Any registered voter may vote by mail. Voters may request vote-by-mail ballots by completing the request form from the back of their sample ballot and mailing it to the Registrar of Voters (Siskiyou County Clerk, Laura Bynum). It is not necessary to wait for your sample ballot to request a vote-by-mail ballot. A vote-by-mail ballot application can also be downloaded via the Siskiyou County Clerk’s Office website. Voting by mail is easy and convenient and there is no waiting in lines on Election Day!

Your vote DOES count in all elections!

Please contact the City of Mt. Shasta Deputy City Clerk’s Office today for a Voter Registration card at 530-926-7516 or for further information, you may also contact the Siskiyou County Clerk’s Office by phone at 530-842-8084.