Report A Public Works Problem


(Sewer Overflows or Water Leaks Threatening Property Damage)

During The Hours of 7:00am-4:00pm contact City Hall at (530) 926-7510, outside of those hours contact the Police Department at (530) 926-7540.



For situations such as a street light out, plugged storm drain, pothole, missing sign, dead animal in roadway, or other non-emergency, please call City Hall at (530) 926-7510 during normal business hours. Please have the following information:

  • Street Light Out – Please report the nature of the problem, the location, and the pole number if you can.
  • Plugged storm drain, potholes, missing sign, and all other non-emergency requests for service – Please report the exact location, including cross street.
  • Water Service On or Off - There is a $62 charge outside of Public Works normal business hours of 7:00am-3:30pm.