Wastewater Treatment Plant


Ken Kellogg – Public Works Director
Brooke Boyer – Lead Plant Operator – Grade 4 Operator & Laboratory Director

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The Treatment System

The City of Mt. Shasta’s wastewater treatment system consists of headworks (Parshall flume, bar screen, comminutor and grit chamber), four oxidation and stabilization ponds, ballast lagoon dosing basin, dissolved air flotation system, intermittent backwash filter, chlorine contact chamber, declorination system and discharge line.

Treated wastewater can be discharged to any of three locations, depending on water quality and time of year: the Sacramento River, a leach field located adjacent to highway 89, or to the Mt. Shasta Resort Golf Course. Each year, millions of gallons of treated reclaimed wastewater effluent are pumped to the Golf Course where it is used for irrigation purposes.

Wastewater Utility Rate Updates

2020 Rate Increase 218 Public Notice

2020 Wastewater Utility Rate Study Update

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