Stormwater in Mt. Shasta

What is stormwater?

After a rain or snow event, stormwater is the water that runs off of hard surfaces like buildings and parking lots instead of soaking into the ground. The City of Mt Shasta maintains a storm drain system to capture stormwater and safely carry it to nearby creeks. However, stormwater can pick up pollutants like pesticides, fertilizers, oil and soap, which can harm creeks and lakes even in small quantities. Unlike our sanitary sewer system that flows to a treatment plant, stormwater is not treated before it is released to the environment. That’s why it’s important for us all to do our part to keep local waterways clean.

While rain and snow are natural, stormwater and the pollutants it contains are not! It’s our job to keep Mt Shasta’s waterways clean.

2020 Stormwater Master Plan

What Can I do to Help?

The City of Mt. Shasta has collected a number of resources for residents, visitors, and businesses to help keep our surface waters clean. Visit our education webpage for stormwater best practices.

Report a Problem.

Do you know of a storm drain in Mt Shasta that isn’t working well? Let us know by reporting a problem to our Public Works Department. Call (530) 926-7510 during City Hall Business Hours (9:00am-3:00pm) or email dtorres [at] with the location and description of the problem.