Community Enhancement Program (CEP)

Police Department at night

The Mt. Shasta City Police Department takes pride in providing additional services to our community other than just law enforcement. The department is proud to be able participate in the community on many different levels. Sir Robert Peel once said that a local police department should mirror the community in which they serve. The Mt. Shasta Police Department is committed to Peel’s sentiment. The ways in which the Mt. Shasta Police Department fulfills this commitment is through the Community Enhancement Program and the DARE Program.

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Community Enhancement Program (CEP)

The Community Enhancement Program (CEP) was re-established in 2021 with the award of the California Proposition 64 Cohort 2 grant funding and continued with the successful award of Proposition 64 Cohort 3 grant funding through 2028. This funding has allowed for the Police Department to re-institute the DARE program in a collaborative way with the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Greater Shasta as well as funding for a student support coordinator at Mt Shasta High School. With the teaming up between the Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Mt. Shasta High School and the Police Department, a whole person approach is being taken to provide services to Mt. Shasta youth from middle school through their high school years.

The funding has also allowed for the hiring of a full-time community service officer to provide oversight and ensure that the local commercial cannabis industries within the city are following all State and City requirements. The CSO will be working to address several other community services such as damaged sidewalks, abandoned or distressed property and animal control. 

Finally, the funding has allowed for the hiring of a full-time task force officer. The city is still plagued by the numerous illegal growing operations located throughout the county which have an impact on the legitimate cannabis businesses. The participation within a county wide task force will allow for the Mt. Shasta police department to have an impact on this illegal industry and to help provide valuable information regarding current drug trends within the county and city.

The project will be continuously evaluated over the life of the 5-year grant to able to find when positive and negative issues present. Consistent with the objectives prioritized by Proposition 64, the Community Enhancement Program project’s supports the evolution of marijuana into a positive economic driver while diminishing criminal behavior. A dedicated, experienced team will ensure that goals and objectives are met. 

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