Property & Evidence

The Mt Shasta Police Department Property & Evidence unit receives, tracks, and disposes of property and firearms as required by law. Property technicians maintain the integrity and chain of custody for evidence items and release non-evidence and found property to its rightful owner whenever possible. 

How to Claim Property
•    Releases are made by appointment only and photo ID will be required
•    Information on how to claim property is provided below.
•    For additional information, please contact Amber Orrey, Police Services Manager at 530-926-7540 or aorrey [at]

•    All property taken by members of the Mt Shasta Police Department as evidence will be available for return to the owner after the Property & Evidence Section has received confirmation that the item(s) are no longer needed as evidence and the case is closed.
•    Wait 30 days after adjudication of your case to contact the Evidence Section for release information.
•    Photo ID is required at time property is picked up.

Safekeeping items are those held for the owner for various reasons and not intended to be used as evidence in a criminal case. The owner has 60 days from the date the items come into our custody to pick up his/her property. Unclaimed items are disposed of in accordance with California law. All illegal weapons, ammunition, drugs, or narcotics which are confiscated, found, or otherwise turned into the Mt Shasta Police Department will be destroyed.

Found Property:
Found property located within the city limits can be turned into the Mt Shasta Police Department. If the property remains unclaimed for 90 days, the finder may claim it. If the property is valued at $250 or more and the owner does NOT claim it after 90 days, the item must be advertised in the newspaper for 7 days prior to release to the finder.
Any property located outside of city limits, contact the city or county where you found the item to turn it in.

Release of Firearms: 
California law requires that any time a firearm is reclaimed from a law enforcement agency, the owner must undergo a background check by the California Department of Justice (DOJ). This is done by visiting the California DOJ website They will provide information on how to file an application for a firearm release. This form is called the Law Enforcement Gun Release Application. After DOJ conducts a background check, they will provide a letter to the applicant authorizing him/her to own/possess firearms. An additional check will be made when you come in to claim the weapon. This is to ensure that there has not been a change to your record since the DOJ check.
Please bring your government ID, the original DOJ letter, and locking gun case/gun lock for your firearm. Firearm release is by appointment only. 
California law also requires ALL firearms (pistols and long guns) to be registered prior to release. Please make sure your firearms are registered in your name before you start the DOJ background process.
If the firearm has been taken as evidence in a crime or suspected crime, clearance may have to be obtained from the investigating officer.
I live outside of the Mt Shasta area. Can I have my items mailed to me?
In some circumstances, items can be mailed. The owner/requestor may be required to cover all shipping costs. Please contact the Evidence and Property section for further details.

Who towed my car?
Towed vehicles are not handled by the Evidence and Property Section. If you are unsure whether or not your car has been towed, please call Mt Shasta Police Department Non-Emergency Dispatch for information at 530-926-7540.