Live Scan Fingerprinting Services

Live Scan Services: By Appointment Only Monday – Thursday
Please call (530) 926-7540

Fees are payable by cash, VISA/MC, or check.

Photo identification is required.

Livescan Cost Summary/Estimation

Please note there is no guarantee of this cost until we enter it into the system.

$89-$99 Adoption/FosterCare/Child Care Centers
$74 Teachers
EMS (Sac, SSV) Ambulance
Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Dental
Real Estate
$57 IHSS
DMV Ambulance Certificate/endorsement
CHP Tow Truck Drivers
$25 Roll Fee (minimum due)
Anyone who has a billing number listed on livescan form

Ink Roll Fees $25.00
Ink Card Prints $25.00