Amber Hobbs

Public Safety Dispatcher
Phone Number

Public Safety Dispatcher Amber Hobbs was born and raised in Chico. She grew up working with her family at their flooring company learning about construction and studying design. She played a lot of sports growing up, including basketball for 10 years. Her family spent several weeks each summer traveling to places like Mexico and Yosemite National Forest.

She and her husband live here in Mt Shasta with their 5 kids on our cattle ranch that has been in his family for generations. They have 4 cats, a bearded dragon, lots of cows and a few goats on occasion. One of her favorite things to do is go on adventures with her husband, like ziplining and taking their kids camping. 

She started working as a dispatcher for the Mt Shasta Police Department October of 2023 and is also a volunteer firefighter at the Mt Shasta Fire Department. If she is not dispatching, she is working alongside her husband taking care of their cattle and harvesting hay at their Ashland ranch or at one the many sporting and school events for their kids.