Daniel Giacomaro

Daniel Giacomarco leaning on a wooden fence in front of an American flag.
Code Enforcement
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Originally from New Jersey, Code Enforcement Officer Daniel Giacomaro migrated west to California after high school graduation before returning to attend Rutgers University in the fall. He had acquired his Merchant Mariners License from the United States Coast Guard which led to becoming the Captain of the port for Catalina Passenger Service where he operated the 600 passenger vessel Catalina Flyer traveling between the Balboa and Catalina Island. After 40 years of service he retired and made his way north to Siskiyou County where he opened a fly-fishing guide service with his son in law. He began his career in law enforcement with the City of Mt. Shasta in August of 2021 and also serves as a volunteer with the Mt. Shasta Fire Department. A resident of Dunsmuir my time is spent fly-fishing, cycling, trail running and enjoying the slower pace of Northern California